Proudly Serving
Albertville, Guntersville, Boaz, and
surrounding areas in Northeast Alabama.

Proudly Serving
Northeast Alabama

Why Choose Marshall County/Sand Mountain?

Marshall County is a rapidly growing area in north Alabama, conveniently located between Huntsville and Birmingham in the foothills of the Appalachians. Marshall County boasts beautiful mountain vistas, 69,000 acres of tree-lined lake and a convenient drive to Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville, and more. Marshall County is made up of 6 different municipalities that make up the Albertville Micropolitan Area which is often included in Huntsville Statistical Area. It is a great location for those looking to spread out, slow down and escape the urban sprawl of Huntsville’s rapid growth. Enjoy a community-focused, family-oriented, scenic location and find the home you’re searching for!

Marshall County is known for beautiful, wide-open spaces, low tax rates, educated workforce and high- tech jobs and low unemployment. The communities found in Marshall County each has its own unique sense of charm and pride, but on the whole, Marshall County is a great place to live, work and play.

Why Choose Marshall County/Sand Mountain?

Local radio stations and restaurants play the National Anthem at noon, main street shuts down for community pep rallies and parades, and all of the window storefronts are painted to display school/community spirit. Neighbors gather in town for community-wide events and love and support
one another, beckoning to a bygone era.

With its proximity to the Redstone Arsenal, there is a strong respect for America and the military. As a veteran, this means a lot to me to see the honor placed on those who fought for freedom. My passion is still fighting for freedom, but now it is for your financial freedom. Home ownership and Real Estate provides many opportunities for a better life. I am passionate about helping people make wise choices related to real estate.

Politically and socially conservative, this area has impressive quality of life features that proves the focus is on creating a better future for the next generation. There is a palpable pride and a desire to make the world a better place.

Home to many great nonprofit organizations, I am grateful to offer a tithe on every deal closed to the organization of your choice!